Hello Hello! I'm not much of an "intro" person so here goes nothing...


My name is JayLeisha, I prefer to go by Jay though. I'm 19 and am a sopohmore in college.  Lets see... To start off it may not look it, but I am a woman of many talents. I enjoy advocating for the animals/nature, binge watching my favorite shows (and or anime), I love adventuring, eating good food, and dreaming about places I've never been and overall just following the needs of my heart.  

The sole purpose of this blog is just for me to have my own space to dig deeper into the things I am passionate about. Here you will find my take on all things I enjoy about movies, local restaurant reviews, weird things, like my favorite conspiracy theories, and even just some random rants from my crazy, confusing and even sometimes beautiful mind. Just any and everything that's me. What I want you to get out of this blog is hopefully some sort of inspiration.... Inspiration  to be the best you and to know that nothings unattainable. 

Writer, Wanderer, Warrior~

I hope that you come and stay awhile, maybe we can even be friends, especially if we're into the same kind of music. Check out my Spotify link!