I Need a Life (Part 1): My EmbarraSsingly Long List of shows I've Enjoyed on Netflix- Show Edition

I'm not afraid to admit that I make good use of my eight dollars (or should I say my parent's eight dollars *smirks*) I can't speak for everyone but I'm constantly on Netflix searching for new things to binge and obsess over, if you're like me you judge a book by its cover, in this instance by it's title, description, and ratings. Thankfully I've gotten myself out of this habit and I've fallen IN-LOVE with shows that are far from my standard. The point I'm trying to make here is that you should try new things, as cliche as it sounds it's true. BUT have no fear, you won't have to spend h o u r s skimming Netflix for shows to try out, I've composed most of the shows I absolutely adore; some that made me cry, laugh, hate,and just over all fall in love... you get the point so without further a due (Is that how you say it? Never saw it written out, go head judge me) here's part 1 of my  embarrassingly long list of shows I've enjoyed on Netflix. 

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1. American Horror Story: If you're obsessed with spookiness and darkness, like me then this show is for you, I finished this in about a week if that tells you anything about how good it is. I will admit after season 3 it's not as solid but 4 is durable the rest I refuse to see bc... Jessica Lange );  def top 10 though for me. 8/10

2. Weeds: Weeds is a show my sister recommended to me when I first started my binge watching lifestyle (Thanks sis). This show to say the most, is funny. It's about a classic suburban mother that basically loses everything and starts to sell weed as a means to support her family while still maintaining her status in the upper class community. Now in my honest opinion, it's not a good show to binge watch but it is something to watch when you have nothing to watch, it doesn't hold much substance but the humor brings me back every time. 5/10

3. Shameless: To be honest, there's not enough words to describe my LOVE for this show. My sister (again thanks sis) recommended this show to me when it was in it's third season, I started and haven't stopped. The show has so much substance, humor, DRAMA, and just overall good story line. If you love any of the things I listed (and if you haven't seen the show already, bc it has been very popular this year) then this is the show for you! Hands down my favorite of all time. P.S. Lip call me!  10/10

4. Grace and Frankie: I LIVE for this show. It reminds me of the type of balance I want to have in my life when I'm old and grey, Grace's: class, business savyness, style, her unforgiving honesty, and overall just grace (see the pun on words) and Frankie's: free spirtiness, artisticness, humor, and ability to break boundries.  The show's about two women whose husbands (who were law firm partners for years) left them to be together, yes together, after over 20 years of having an affair and the two women are left to pick up the pieces, together. This doesn't even begin to go into depth of what this show is about, there's so much depth and SO much humor.This show reminds me that you're only as a old as you feel and... girl power. 8.9/10

5. United States of Tara: Another fav of mine without a doubt. This show's about a woman with multiple personality disorder and how her and her family cope with it. This shows emotional and life changing. You can't find it on netflix anymore but I still had to add it to the list because it was that good. 8.9/10

6. Black Mirror: This show has the most substance out of everything on this list. If you're into satire about society, dark humor and just generally enjoy watching something that makes you think, WATCH THIS. This show isn't for the faint heart or the judgemental so watch with caution. 7/10

7. Attack On Titan: Bet you didn't take me for an anime girl huh? I'm sure everyone has heard of AoT and if you haven't... I put you on. This show is action packed and SO good there's not much I can say besides watch it. It'll have you guessing and at the edge of your seat every episode. 8/10

8. OITNB: No list about Netflix  shows, is complete without Orange is the New Black. If you haven't heard of this show you've either been living under a rock or out of touch with your needs. Anybody can say what they want about this show but it.is.GOOD. You'll fall in love with these women and their stories and may even make you want to make you go off and meet your best friends in jail but, don't be fooled prisons probably not like it's portrayed. I mean there's so much to break down about the show, it's representation is everything it addresses topics like, judging books by their covers, the mistreatment of inmates, social issues, feminism, drugs, being in the wrong place in the wrong time, diversity, and just so much more. Not going to spoil anything but.... P deserved better! 9/10

9. Seven Deadly Sins: Here's another anime show if one wasn't enough. I just recently finished SDS and I LOVED it.  The show's about the most deadly warriors  known as the seven deadly sins,that protected the land and were forced to disband after being accused of attempting to overthrow the kingdom. Long story short, the princess realizes who the real enemies are and teams up with the most powerful sin and leader of the warriors, Sir Meliodas, as they head on a search to find the other sins to re-band the team they find it isn't going to be as a walk in the park. This show is hilarious, action packed, well written,  slightly perverted, and will get you HOOKED. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish and can't wait to see the next season.  9/10

10. Supergirl: I'm currently still watching this show but so far I'm enjoying it. I'm more of a Marvel fan but DC isn't so bad. (No rating yet)


11. Once Upon a Time:  You remember all the fairy tales your mom used to tell you before bed? This is it... but with a spin. I honestly didn't think I was going to like this show but once I gave it a try, I was HOOKED. 7.9/10

12.  Revenge: THIS SHOW. No seriously if you like back in forth between two characters this is it, this is the epitome of rivalry. It's about a woman who spends years studying the people who set up her father and lands him in jail, she comes back to the town under a false identity and gets her r e v e n g e. so good. I would watch this again without a doubt. 7/10

13. Pretty Little Liars: Again, a show you should have heard about, I'm not going to explain the synopsis of the show because... shame on you if you don't know. I've invested YEARS into this show it will keep you hooked and guessing to say the LEAST. 'A' isn't ever who you think it is. 9/10 for the first couple of seasons 7/10 for seasons 5-7. UPDATE: The ending ruined the entire show for me, thanks PLL for the lazy answers.

14. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: This show, like Weeds, has NO substance but it's entertaining. It's very light hearted and in my opinion we need a little more of that on screens. I live for the characters and the comedic humor it provides. The shows about a woman who was trapped in a religious cult for many years of her life and now that she's free she's trying to adapt into her new life along with her newfound sassy and loud best friend Titus. It's great. 7/10, 9/10 for comedy.

This is just part 1 to my list, stay tuned for part 2. What shows would you recommend me binge out on next?
















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