Relationship vs. Religon

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m far from the perfect Christian. I continuously make mistakes that are beyond what God expects of me daily, but that doesn’t mean I love him any less. To be honest no one’s flawless in their religion and until you can admit that, you’ll spend your whole life trying to reach an impossible standard, shifting the focus off your relationship with God. Take it from me, from my few years trying to put on this façade that perfection is the key, I felt empty and felt more detached from the Lord than ever.

Something that really bothers me is the pressure people put on themselves to be “religious” and to follow what the bible wants out of you. Yes, listen to the word as much as you can but, I want to emphasize what you make a priority, the relationship should come first.

Comparing yourself to others is never a good idea and you shouldn’t seek validation in what others do. Don’t think just because someone verbalizes their love for God, goes to church weekly, or can tell you the Bible back and forth that you have to too. Do what’s comfortable for you, whatever lifts your connection with the Lord, whatever gives you your spiritual fulfillment. Your religion will constantly be tested in life but your relationship with Him will be the light that sees you through the trials, hence why I’m big on the connection. There’s NOTHING like sitting down with the lord and venting and asking Him for guidance that just feels so solacing and reassuring as ever. I encourage you to see what I mean if you haven’t.

I know sometimes it can seem like the relationship is one sided but if you really embrace and trust that He is real... you can feel Him, His grace, and His abundant blessings. Don’t give up. Take it from me, if you ask, he will reveal Himself.

I can’t tell you what you need to do because everyone’s relationship with Him is different and everyone’s contentment is different, the best piece of advice I can give is let the pressure of perfection go.  You must remind yourself that this is a lifelong learning process and there’s truly no right way to go about it. Like I said I’m not perfect and I’m still trying to get it right but, take comfort and knowing you aren’t the only one.

“The way I see it, putting your faith in God is something that each person has gotta come to on his or her own.It's your own personal relationship with Him; a bond that's as unique as a fingerprint.”

― Bethany Hamilton

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