25 Things I Learned My First Year of College

  1. DON'T TALK TO THE SENIORS/UPPERCLASSMEN these over grown men and women WILL try to mess with you and trust me it's not because they want to pursue a relationship with you.Don't be afraid to date though. Many people meet their husbands/wife's in college so take the chance but be conscious, if it doesn't make sense that so and so is asking you out, then it probably doesn't.
  2. Cook food, it saves money and helps you learn a much needed adulting skill.
  3.  Don't bring a lot of stuff, it's all fun and games until you have to pack it back up, and you realize you didn't even use half the stuff you brought, like your whole closet, storage is most important!
  4. Freshman 15 is a myth, don't be ridiculous eating but use your unlimited meal plan to your advantage, you will miss it.
  5. Put yourself out there, join clubs/interest groups don't make the mistake I did by not trying. I literally can count on my hands how many friends I made and I regret all the missed friendships I could've made.
  6.  Always be mindful of your roommate.  This is SO important. Talk with your roommate(s) so you both can establish boundaries and rules. If you don't like loud noises, or the TV on at night time, or a dirty room/bathroom or girls/boys sleeping over, ESTABLISH IT early on. No one wants to be at odds with someone they have to live with for an entire year.
  7.  Take adventures. The college scene gets boring and it's good to expand your horizons on things you'd never thought you do or see.
  8. Do your work, show up to class, be respectful you never know what doors that might open up for you in class, your teacher may even give you an extension on something if you're not known to do those things.
  9. Doing your work AHEAD of time really pays off.
  10. There WILL be essays. Don't be surprised when you have a  five page paper due in two days, fair warning (:
  11.  Get to know your classmates, they really come in handy when you missed days in class or need help with something you didn't understand.
  12. College isn't as hard as it seems or people say. With time management and priorities it's is relatively easy.
  13. You pay for a lot of unnecessary things so you might as well use them. For instance go to those sports games, use the writing/tutor center, use all your free( free but not really free) prints, take all the free shirts you can get because you really payed for all of it.
  14.  MISS some days, now most people would tell you to always go to class but not me. While I strongly encourage you to attend most classes, it's just not plausible to go to them all. We all need mental health days, or just days to catch up on all our work and it's necessary. These professors give you an amount of days you can miss so USE THEM WISELY AND SMARTLY.
  15.  You won't miss high school as much as you think. You will get over it really fast!!! Don't forget about your friends at home though, you haven't completely left your life at yet.
  16.  Talk to your adviser. The decision about which path or which classes/hours you want to take is ultimately up to you but USE THEM, they are helpful listen to their suggestions, ask them questions because you do not want to make a mistake that could ultimately slow you on your way to your degree.
  17. If you're going to, be smart about sex. Don't just do it with "anybody" it's not safe and you don't want to associate your self with any derogatory terms, that could possible follow you your whole college experience. Practice SAFE sex, but the best way to prevent STD's and pregnancy is to not have sex at all 😉
  18. Don't be in a rush to leave your parents, you will miss them and those home cooked meals. No ones here to tell you how to "adult" so you'll (kinda) miss all those times you were getting yelled at about your responsibilities.
  19. CALL YOUR MOM. Self explanatory.
  20. Be responsible about your money, we all know getting a refund check is one of the greatest joys of being in college if you get one. I took advantage of my money and bought material things, not to say something's wrong with it, it's not. But if I could I would've made better fincancial choices. Think about investing in your future, if you can't afford school, save for next semester. You want to take classes during the summer, save it. You want to get an apartment next year or the year after? SAVE. You get the point.
  21. Partying is a part of the college experience but it doesn't make the college experience. 
  22. Do things you wouldn't be able to do back home with your parents or friends, the point of going off to be on your own is to make your own decisions and to live and learn but still, do things only you can handle.
  23. Long Distance is HARD, if you don't have the capacity or your relationship isn't strong enough don't put yourself through the mental torture of doing long distance. If you do think you can do it, with LOTS of communication and trust it will be (almost) smooth sailing. 
  24. BE YOURSELF. I cannot stress this enough, being someone your not is a lot of work, unnecessary work at that. When you lie about one thing you have to keep lying to maintain your first lie and that's not fun. I've seen it first hand. If you aren't a drinker, you don't have to drink. If you aren't a smoker, don't smoke! If people don't like you for your character then are they really friends?
  25. Most importantly, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Mental and physical health is REAL. You're no superman/superwoman you can't do it all by yourself, don't take classes/hours you can't handle. Don't overwhelm yourself with plans or procrastinate your work. It's just stressful and college is already enough stress. Work out, eat right, go to Zumba talk to someone, whatever you need but please just TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.


Freshman year was a year of growth for me and I'm sure it will be for you. It'll be scary but embrace it and see it for what it is, you won't come out the same but you can use that to your advantage. 

“College is fun as long as you don't die.” 
― Tsugumi OhbaDeath Note, Vol. 4: Love