Freeze Frame Yogurt (Columbus, GA)

The best thing that I've found out about living in Columbus is that they have endless choices of food places if trying new things is what you're in to. Freeze Frame Yogurt is hands down one of the golden tickets here. Ok, I'll be honest, I've never ACTUALLY been to another yogurt shoppe BUT even if I have I still think that this places gives them all a run for their money. To start off, when I walk in this shoppe I'm met with open space and friendly faces, ideally for most customers. The employees are friendly and young, nothing pleases me more than to see fresh faces working. I'm also an aesthetics person, and the design of this shop certainly satisfies my infatuation; the mix match furniture, rustic feel, dim lighting, art on the brick walls(which you can actually buy), your favorite could never!

The choices here a numerous,  I don't want to make a dad joke but it's like I'm a kid in the candy store with 5 dollars. Not just the yogurt but the toppings as well as dessert choices (yes they serve other goodies!) My favorite thing to get is their cheesecake, it taste so fresh and has the right amount of tart to it. I'm sensitive when it comes to cheesecakes because it without a doubt is my favorite dessert, they did not disappoint. Their yogurt is more than yummy may I say, all their choices (that I have tried) are rich and creamy, it's not hard to find yourself 5 flavors in before you leave. There is not too much I could say about this places that isn't positive. Try it for yourself and see. 

Let's not forget the icing on the cake, students .... GET DISCOUNTS. *drops mic*