Mama Goldberg's Deli

This for me was a favorite. Mama Goldberg's without a doubt has served me the best sandwiches I've ever had (yes that includes subway). I never knew I was a warm sandwich kind of girl until I discovered here and let me just say this, I'm NEVER going back to my old or should I say cold ways.

The thing I admire about MG's is that fact that it gives a restaurant feel vs. subway. They pre-make what comes on the sandwiches and salads which keeps me from getting overwhelmed about making my own sandwich (you also have the choice to customize it your way of course.) The overall atmosphere gives me a warm feel,  the chalkboard writing, ceiling fans, back and white tiles, it truly does feel like you're in your mama's kitchen waiting for lunch, a kinda of nostalgic vibe that always hits home for me. The customer service is great as well, they supply you with diverse faces of all ages which is always welcoming for me, the wait for your food to be done is pretty comfortable, I don't mind when they food taste as good as it does. I've only been a few times and hands down the best sandwich joint I've been to. All in all I can truly tell the food here is made with love and that's what makes it #1 for me. 

 Favorite Item from menu:Mama's Love

Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Jay McHenry